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Coaching: navigate life with confidence

Successful people constantly adapt to life's challenges, yet do so with the confidence of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Jordan Graham coaches people to sharpen their focus and achieve their goals.
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Deepen connection in your relationships

Connect more authentically with others at a human level to create deeper, more meaningful relationships. Improve teamwork, commitment and intimacy where you want it.
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Create safety during challenging times

Life's storms are hard on teams, families and individuals. Practicing self awareness and experiencing all of your emotions prepares you for rough seas.

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Choose your life's direction with confidence

Your life is a voyage - with unexpected opportunities, storms and challenges along the way. Successful people appreciate the value of a trusted navigator - a coach who can help them achieve greater understanding, deepen their human connections and choose direction with confidence. Jordan Graham has been helping people navigate their lives for 17 years. With an MBA from the University of Denver, Jordan has built a successful tech startup and another that failed, giving him wide-ranging perspective and experience.



Steven Morrow, leadership expert

Steven Morrow

Steven Morrow Leadership

"Jordan is a fabulous coach and facilitator.  I’ve had a chance to witness Jordan work with individuals and groups extensively over the years and have always been very impressed. Recently I got a chance to invite Jordan to co-facilitate with me for a senior group at a Fortune 500 firm, and they were immediately impressed with his authenticity and his ability to deeply engage their team."


Jeffrey Reiss, cable industry pioneer

Jeffrey Reiss

Cable Industry Pioneer

"I have known Jordan Graham for well over a decade and I believe he is an outstanding professional. He is also a sensitive and insightful individual capable of supporting others in their growth and development. He is also inspirational in his coaching and counseling."


Nicole Swedlow, founder of entreAmigos

Nicole Swedlow

Founder, entreAmigos

"Jordan Graham has the unique ability to inspire, ask hard questions and always make you laugh (sometimes at yourself!). His dedication to excellence and his commitment to his clients is refreshing and motivating. I have thoroughly enjoyed our work together and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Thank you Jordan!"


Jason Glaspey

Jason Glaspey

Co-Founder, Portland Incubator Experiment

"Jordan has helped me feel more comfortable with myself. He's given me permission to quiet the constant nagging in the back of my mind, the apologizing for being me, and showed me how to take off some of the burden I felt from my own personality. He's exceptionally caring, thoughtful, and highly attentive. His questions have helped me recognize some internal struggles while showing me how to be strong, confident, and capable. I consider him a friend and a mentor."