You can prick your finger. . .

On Monday I did a test to determine my heart rate zones. This test included blood samples and a treadmill - first time I had had one of these tests done with blood samples.

The treadmill seemed to be unaccustomed to someone of my mass and shut down repeatedly, so - thinking that it might have had something to do with needing more, "clean" power - we turned off the TV (just as SportsCenter was about to show the contenders for their "dunk of the year" and some old Michael Jordan dunks as well, for good measure) and the lights.

One thing that I learned about myself is that I don't bleed a lot. The impact of that learning was that homie had to jab my finger no fewer than eight times. I left quite perforated but of course not bleeding.

Good test. Awaiting its data.

Found this piece on superfoods today and I want to buy some of the "golden berries" they mention on page 2.

Swim today. Will head to the rec center at lunchtime.