Yom Kippur

Yes: Yom Kippur. Not going to services this year; I actually cannot remember a Yom Kippur when I didn't go to services, though I imagine I didn't go during college. But that's a topic for another context.

Yesterday I finished a project on which I had been working for about a week (a C# program to check expiring rate locks for a bank client of mine; email appropriate people an alert) - finished at about 5:30 pm, just in time to step out of doors with Seyore, put on some pants (as opposed to shorts, thank you) and head out to the DBUG meeting. Stayed out for drinks at the Interstate afterward. End result: No workout on a day that was not a rest day for me.

Perhaps I should be repenting in shul about that.

It rained yesterday. This morning the sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful. Took Seyore out for about six miles - pretty slow. Felt tired today and I have been needing some distance, so I spent about an hour running six miles. I rolled on the Orange Thing from Hell before and after; my calves feel good, though the backs of both heels were talking to me a little. Kind of a sharp, burning sensation. MAN did it feel good to stretch my calves after our run. Lungs felt really good afterward, too.

I'd like to get on my bike this afternoon. Temps are in mid 60's and there is a pretty good chance it will rain.