Windy! but what a tailwind

They say that tomorrow the weather is going to change, and Thursday we may get some snow - so despite the sustained winds blowing this afternoon I went out on my bike. Winds WSW at 18 mph (per - but it felt a lot stronger than that) and I only had a little time before a call, so I headed up Hess Road straight into the wind. One gear away from granny gear! Took forever to get up but what an incredible tailwind on the way down.

I held on for dear life on the way down, as tucked as possible - tears streaming out of my eyes from the wind (despite my shades). Descent was over before I knew it. IF ONLY I HAD A WORKING FLIPPIN' GARMIN I'd know my top speed but it was quite likely in the upper 40's.

Took an hour and a half to get to I-25 and Hess Road and back. Less than 20 miles (math time!) - means 13 miles per hour on average, which as I type this is kind of impressive to me, knowing how much time I was hardly moving.