Wind? What wind?

When I head out for a ride I try to get a sense for the wind direction, and I use this information to decide which way I want to start out my ride.

My theory is that I'd rather go out into a headwind and have a tailwind home.

Thing is, the last few rides I've had have been pretty breezy - and the wind has consistently changed during my ride, giving me a headwind on the way home, too.

No 20 degree wind direction changes. A full flippin' 180 degrees. What the heck is that?

Today was such a day. Low 50's and wind out of the South, so up Mostenbocker I went (Motsenbacher?). Up Pradera, up Bayou Gulch, up the big hill to the right on Flintwood, out Grant Road and YES BY THE TIME I HEADED HOME the wind direction had changed. As I ended up riding past the firefighters' training center I could see that the flag was standing straight out to the South - indicating a wind coming from the North, y'see.

So there are two things that are coming up for me:

  1. Seems I should head out with a tailwind, right? Worst case scenario is that I'll end up with a headwind back - but that happens now anyway. At least I'd get a tailwind on the way out.
  2. What does it say about me that I have been choosing to go out into a headwind? Do I do that everywhere in life? Has that been working for me?

Deep thoughts indeed. It was a good ride today anyway (Erin in my tri club saw that the winds were blowing at 37 mph) - now I have a few hours before swimming with the Club. Going to miss those swims when the weather warms up.