Well, I guess last week was an "easy" week

Let's start with an easy run last Sunday, nothing at all on Monday (it was a scheduled rest day for me - really hard for me not to train on a rest day - and had I only known how the rest of the week was going to go I would have done something that day). . . a good, 6.7 mile run on Tuesday followed by four hours of walking through neighborhoods canvassing for the President. . .

Much celebration on my part Tuesday night, lubricated by a fine IPA from Elk Mountain Brewing Company - and a late night at that, what with Mitt Romney staying in denial of his loss as long as he could. . . and I was hung over on Wednesday. Had to get up early for my Wednesday morning meeting, but that afternoon about 2:00 I was wiped out and hit the hay. Finally a 5 mile run on Friday.

Back before Alia was born when I was in Michigan with my family, I was standing knee-deep in the lake doing flips when suddenly I got incredibly dizzy. "Benign Positional Vertigo," they said, and a couple weeks later it stopped bugging me.

This past Saturday morning it hit me with a vengeance. Sick to my stomach. Didn't feel good that day; didn't train. Sunday I felt better and did some turns on the trainer, watching a recap of the Michigan - Northwestern game.

Back in service yesterday (though the vertigo is still bugging me in the mornings - and only in the mornings. . .???) - a 7.39 mile run; 5 miles this morning and I'm planning on riding the trainer for a while tonight.

Sunday marked 300 days left until IMOO 2013. I am alternately excited and panicked.