Tummy flu yesterday; 6.5 miles this morning

Woke up some time before dawn yesterday morning and was urgently notified by my GI tract that I had something going on - drenched in sweat, then chilled for most of the day. I laid on my couch with four layers on (two of which had the word "Wisconsin" on them, it being a football Saturday) - and my Wisconsin fleece hat, wool socks and under my Wisconsin fleece blanket and could not get warm for the longest time.

Put the game on (38-13 Badgers over Minnesota at Camp Randall) at 10:00, fell asleep at halftime and finally got warm somewhere after halftime.

Last night was my tri club's season ending party, and being President of the club I thought that I should be there - but Erin (at whose house we were having our party) encouraged me not to come if I might be in any way contagious; not long thereafter my GI tract gave me reason to believe that I was not quite ready. Felt awful at the time but I was going to soldier on and go anyway. Decided not to, and though I am really bummed to have missed the party I believe it was a good decision.

This morning I woke up feeling MUCH better, thank you. Dropped my younger one off at Hebrew school; she encouraged me to run while she was there - glad I did, too, because it's getting really warm this afternoon. Mid 70's. Late October - there are years when we have huge snow this time of year.

Anyway I went about 6.5 with Seyore on a very crowded bike path. Saw Justin and Sheila Chester out for a ride. No idea about my pace, though I bet it was 10:30 or so (wish I had a Garmin that worked!) Although yesterday was supposed to have been my long run day of the week - and I am really bummed to have missed what could have been a great training day - in a way I think that fighting the flu for a day is a tough thing to put a body through.

That was how I consoled myself on our run today.

I imagine that I'm pretty seriously low on hydration right now. Time to go pick up at Hebrew school!