Trainer ride!

The big news is that yesterday I officially became a coaching client of Charo Egan. I have six months to get ready for my race now, so it's time to get serious.

I love having a coach. I love knowing that if I simply follow her plan, I will be ready for my race.

Right about January 10 and began a contract at a downtown web development shop. A great gig for me, though it took an hour to get there and another hour to get home. As you can imagine during that time my training just fell off the cliff.

For better or for worse (And I really think that it's a mixture of good and bad) That position ended just about a week ago. I had been all excited about a 25 mile bike commute a couple times a week – that's 25 miles each way mind you – But I am pleased that I'm not losing 10 hours a week to sitting in my car.

So the good news is that I have more time in my life; what I know about myself is that I tend to work more than I should, because I cannot bill for all of the hours that I work. I need balance!

If this post is incoherent it may be because I just got off the trainer and I'm tired and cannot think.

Feels good to be training though!