Track workout!

I haven't had a proper track workout since way back in May or June, before my tendonitis began bugging me. The update on that issue is that the Orange Roller from Hell has taken *care* of me - that and a bit of stretching and my tendons are good. I really want to load 'em up with some running miles this week and see how they handle it - would be good to run 20 miles. (I know what you're thinking: 20 miles isn't exactly loading anything up with miles. True, but I'm just getting back to it after dealing with a condition that kept me from running. . .)

Back to the track workout: Matt, Jose, Lauren, Ryan and a woman named Sherri (?sp) ran with me. Dee is getting ready for a half in Boulder (there's still a half this season? maybe it's not a triathlon) and she was running a monster workout at a pace much faster than I could muster even for a 200. But this Sherri is new, and to give her a taste of what a track workout is, Charo gave us 8 sets of:

400 at 2:05
200 shuffle
200 at 0:50
400 easy

Was a good workout - about 6.5 miles, if my math is correct (there's a garmin data file somewhere, but I forgot to start it during the warm up - apparently I'm garmin-challenged).

Jose was really helpful, minding our splits and giving feedback on form and thoughts about motivation.

My lungs still feel like they're recovering from the Bluffs on Sunday (!) but they did well enough for the workout tonight. (Did I even write about the Bluffs? brutal.)

The last 200 we ran all out, with Ryan, Jose and Sherri way ahead of me at first. Jose seemed to let it go after 100 and finished behind me but I ran as fast as I could and was far behind Ryan and Sherri. Must be possible for me to learn how to run faster.

Hope so.

I had a taste of feeling like I was in shape - just a taste. I'm looking forward to spring hitting with me having trained all winter. Looking forward to being in the best shape of my life.