Think it's the Benadryl?

I have been taking benadryl for the last week or so - still recovering from that chest cold. Maybe that has something to do with why I have been so flippin' tired.

Maybe it's my training. Maybe both.

Anyway, with a forecast of low 60s (and wind! though the first thing I typed was "and wine!" which sounds so much nicer to me) I ate what I had - larder is a bit light these days - and put on the layers I thought appropriate. Headed out at something like 1:00 or 2:00 - not sure, with last night's time change - for that 40 mile loop I like, through Elizabeth. Will upload that map later.

They weren't kidding about the wind. I still get a kick out of how easy it is to fool myself that I don't have a strong tailwind, when I do - wind was out of the North, which meant that the return trip was kind of tough. Had on just the right gear, though it was a bit chilly nevertheless.

On the way home I felt that I still had a little left in me (would have been so much fun to turn South! if only I had a ride home) - and there was Seyore, cheerful as ever and hopeful that I would rally and take him - so I did.

I think it was only four miles, but that would be something like 29 or 30 for the week, which is enough for now. And it made Seyore happy.

I have been on the couch, for the most part, ever since. Ate plenty and have only just now begun to really hydrate. When I do stand up I am pleased to feel that old familiar soreness - feels good to have had a real weekend workout, finally.

Just over 300 days left. Feels so very good to be training again.