Thank you sir may I have another?

Charo gave me a rest day yesterday and had another one scheduled for me for tomorrow. By the end of the day yesterday I was starting to feel a little hyper (I remember this! this is what it feels like to be in training and to have a rest day) and this morning I asked her if I could run tomorrow instead of having a second rest day.

She's being careful not to burn me out or ramp up my training too fast but I really feel that I'm ok training more - I have just been a slacker lately or I'd be training more than I am now.

So she said fine - go out for an hour (no more) and take it easy, 131 to 136 on the HR monitor.

Swim today - 2600 meters. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back in swim shape. Part of me wants to do intervals, hard, so that I can get faster and swim in the far lanes on Club swim Sundays - but Charo says I'm not going to be doing much speed work for a while.

I'll be honest: I'm tired right now. Heading to bed - 10:48 pm.