Ten + miles at what seems like my best pace for that distance

Hard to know for sure, as I haven't been diligent about tracking things like this - but my handsome dog and I ran 10.28 miles today in one hour and thirty-eight minutes and change. If I were to keep that pace up for just 2.82 more miles, I would complete a half marathon in 2:05:20, about four and a half minutes faster than my PR for a half marathon.

The cynic in me might point out that this comes after a nearly inexcusable three day hiatus from running - with that much rest, shouldn't I have done better? and when do I plan on actually getting ready for my Ironman in September? - but I am not a cynical man.

OK, I can be cynical.

But still: Quite happy with my time today. A great run with Seyore, who seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Lower 30's, I'd say; perhaps upper 20's. Partly cloudy. My feet hurt and I'm oddly happy about it.