Some physical therapy from Chris Furer

I met Chris Furer at the September Colorado NWTA; he was the body work coordinator for the weekend and did some work on me on Saturday afternoon. About two weeks ago he gave me some physical therapy exercises to do (these are sort of free-form notes I took during our call):

  1. sit up against a wall; butt to the wall, legs straight in front of me. Pull shoulders back so that they touch the wall, curl toes back. Hold for a couple of minutes but not so long that anything burns.
  2. lunges, right leg forward
  3. bridges - raise belly button and hips concurrently
  4. balance - eyes open, one leg each, 30 seconds
  5. balance - eyes closed. practice the side with poorer balance

Then: take an old bike tube - put a knot in it - slide knot on outside (underneath) of a door, close the door. Sit down, straight leg, flex foot up fast and slowly release - 8 - 24 times.
DO IT BELOW THE BURN for the next three weeks

three positions:

  1. straight leg (opens the gastroc)
  2. bent knee (opens the solius)
  3. heel against butt; use hand to push down - resist (opens the achilles)

get on my back - one leg down, other up at 90 degrees - straighten as far as possible, bring it down (x8)

put feet together (ankles, balls of big toes touching)
press down into the ball of the big toe through the foot to the back end of the pinkie toe (about two inches in front of the heel) - looking to arch the foot but not by activating the toes
next two weeks or so: if I see the arch in a foot come up, instantly let it go and do it again (2-3x more); if not, let it go, enjoy the day and come back later

Activate your core: turn it on, turn it off - repeat often, in car, at work, riding, running, eating, etc.