Solid day

With my older one signing her scholarship acceptance letter for college yesterday, I got little done. Ran my five miles with Seyore (in shorts, a t shirt and my running jacket - how is it that this year I think of 43 degrees as being shorts running weather? but this is Colorado, and the sun has been out, so Coloradans will understand that that means it can be shorts weather. . . unless the wind is blowing) but other than that I had a breakfast meeting, the scholarship shin-dig, Caroline's closing (she bought a house yesterday) and then dinner and drinks with my friend Trevor from DU.

So I had a lot to do today. Got stuck on something this morning (I am not fond of Wordpress; let me leave it at that) but by lunch I had it pretty well figured out. Had lunch with a friend, then back into it for an hour and a half or so before taking Seyore out for another (sort of chilly) run. Shorts.

But I got back and knew I had to make some serious progress on a second project for the day before my little one got here for dinner. Got it done and just before she got here I watched this video of Montee Ball's ride at Wisconsin. Damn near cried (he's just inspiring to me, that's all).

Then after Alia went to bed I finished the second project and there in my email inbox was a note from a prospective client who is ready for me to get to work on her project - teeny but it will sure help.

So: Productive. Got my run in. Wanted to get on the trainer but I had a deadline to meet for project #2. Everything feels solid and healthy - do I feel a scratchy throat? - hope not.

Oooooooh I got some new Sauconys. Saw a blurb on Facebook from Runner's Roost for a $50 deal on a specific model of Saucony running shoes, and lo and behold they are the ones that I use. Fifty bucks! and I have been needing new shoes - just didn't know how to swing the usual $100+ that they cost.

And they're red. I run faster in red.