Snow this morning!

I had been in the kitchen a full ten minutes, getting coffee and Alia's lunch going before I realized that there was snow on the ground. Just a bit - but snow! I called up to Alia (who said "I'm sorry!" thinking, I guess, that I was hollering at her for still being in bed) and she could hardly believe it either.

Yesterday I took an official day off, despite the fact that on Sunday all I did was run the bluffs once. Good thing, too - I forgot Alia's backpack at home and had to drive all the way back to All Souls to give it to her; then I went to pick her up after school since Guy and Kathy were in a meeting. Three hour-plus trips to All Souls in one day.

Plus, my new iPhone came yesterday - so Rory, Alia and I went to the Verizon store so they could activate it, then to The Mall to get screen protective covers put on. Last time I was at The Mall with Rory was in Mishawauka, Indiana with Kaitlyn Leister back in the summer of 2010.

Still: Love my new phone!

But all day yesterday I felt pangs of guilt for not training.

This morning after driving Alia to school, I put on some warm gear and took Seyore out for 4.81 miles. Average pace 10:15 per mile. I woke up this morning feeling the start of a cold, if I'm not mistaken; took some benadryl before our run but it felt like I was not 100%.

The good news: Achilles tendons seem fine. My plan is to run 4 - 5 miles again tomorrow, then same on Sunday. I want to keep my 3-day distance below 15 miles - I am tempted, of course, to go way over that but I'm trying to be smart about my training this time.

Thank God I went for that ride on Wednesday. Cold out there. Daria went for a ride yesterday and was on FB saying how chilled she was, hours later. I'm going to get on the trainer for a while this afternoon; have also committed to the Obama people that I'll walk this afternoon (the President hardly showed up at the debate the other night, while Mittens lied constantly - I am told - and has been evaluated as having "won" the debate).