Shoulder still not right

But here's a haiku:

strong tailwind taught me
what it's like to be Joe Long
and ride really fast

Went to the reservoir this morning to see the Tuesday morning crew - Rebecca, Eric, Denise, Dee and Keira, who was there mostly to coach. At Keira's request we met at the swim beach rather than by the scuba area which is my preference - but fine, the swim beach was better for coaching.

Of course, I wasn't really there for coaching - I was there to try out my shoulder and see how it's doing. Quick answer: it's not ready. I hardly pulled at all and it was uncomfortable; before long I stopped and went for a ride.

Great tailwind, by the way, on the second half of my ride. Rode out into a wind coming from the NE which carried me back nicely.

Still: Average speed less than 18 mph.

Fine. I'm training for distance anyway.

Great ride - nice to be at a place where I can go 48 miles and have it be a nice ride but nothing extreme.