Seems I don't have to run 6 days a week, right now

My fellow Akiba Schechter Jewish Day School alum Rachel Scheiner was somewhat aghast to hear recently that I had been running six times a week. Then last Monday I sat with Altitude Multisport Club Coach Charo Egan who gave me a "you must be crazy" look when I told her what I had been doing. "There are other ways to build your distance," she said.

Not sure what they are, though, but I'm accepting their permission to not run so often.

A couple of days ago - the day after our "blizzard," which left maybe three inches in Parker (some blizzard - not even sled-worthy) it was 43 degrees but calm winds and sunny and Seyore and I went out for 8.6 miles with me in shorts.

I love Colorado.

I'm worried about my calves; got dry needled about a week ago and I think that helps. Sarah Tibby taught me some biomechanical stuff about my feet that's probably contributing to the problem.

Hung out with Troy Guerra from my tri club not long ago; he did the 2012 Ironman Wisconsin and gave me the low-down. There are two times up Bascom Hill, for one thing (I'm really looking forward to that!) - incredible crowd support and the run is through UW campus, so I'll be loving the run. I am so excited I can hardly wait, but I want the months to pass slowly so that I can train.

My young one was joking with me the other night about how much my tattoo is going to hurt and I looked at her and said "not as much as the training!"

Went out for 6.5 miles today with this handsome dog, then a terrific bath with Badger Magazine. Comfy now on the couch it's easy for me to long for a 6 hour bike ride followed by a run, but that's what I'm longing for.