Ready for it to warm up areedy

I'm still cold, and it's four hours after I finished my ride.

Sure wished I had had another layer on today. Cold air; headwind home (but tailwind on the way out, thank you very much). That's one way to get me to train in my tuck: Insufficient insulation on a cold day. Makes me want to minimize my profile to the wind.

Got maybe five hours of sleep last night but got really good work done today (crises notwithstanding) - got dressed for my ride while on a conference call and the minute it was over I was OUTTA here. No idea how far I rode; two hours and a bit more.

Tomorrow: swim, then a run later. Friday a longer ride. Feels good to be training - and I know that I need to rest.

My right knee is not happy, but nothing specific. I stood for a minute or two at Flintwood and Democrat and when I rode away my right hip hurt like crazy. Same thing the other day when I stopped to see if another cyclist needed help. Think I have to fully dismount; I must be standing in a weird way.