Prime training weeks

A haiku:

the heat of the day
rarifies my oxygen
two hours' run, real slow

These are the prime training weeks for my race. Weighed myself after my run today (nothing like weighing oneself when significantly dehydrated) at 176.8 - another low mark for this year. Had a two hour run today; for my long runs I'm trying to stay off the concrete as much as possible. Went along the Cherry Creek bike path but chose the footpaths to the side when they were available - until about two and a half miles from home when a cyclist coming from the other direction warned me that he had seen a rattlesnake on the path a quarter mile back.

I hopped back on the concrete and ran smack dab in the middle of the path for the rest of the run. Didn't see any snakes.

Tomorrow I have a five hour ride scheduled with a 20 minute brick run. Last week's 4 1/2 hour ride didn't kill me - I have learned that with these mountain bike shoes and pedals that I'm using, I need to wear really thin socks. Fine. I have some Nature Valley protein bars with peanuts and all that fun stuff - 10 grams of protein per bar, and I'm used to lots of protein. Have been stopping to refill water bottles pretty frequently; I find that I drink more than a bottle an hour.

But it was HOT today. Slow run, but I was watching my heart rate monitor and trying to stay between 131 and 135; it was easy to find it up at 138 or so.

The dreams that I can remember these days are all about my race - but they're not the "unprepared" dreams (like getting out of the swim and not being able to find my bike for hours) - mostly these days I'm on the second loop of my run and I'm not dead. Optimistic.

My right shoulder has been giving me grief. I went in last week to see Sara Tibby at Leading Edge Physical Therapy, and she asked me if I had been carrying anything heavy on my shoulders. Reminded me that when I got back from Mexico, I had been carrying my backpack and my shoulders were sore and tight. Then I swam five times in a week and my shoulder got really unhappy with me. I have some stretches to do which I'm not doing as reliably as I should be. Maybe I'll do them tonight and tomorrow and I'll swim on Tuesday.