OK, that was a workout

After staying up late last night watching the Tour (the stage on which they climbed the Alpe d'Huez - who can turn THAT off and go to bed? when there's a growler of Kolsch from Elk Mountain in the fridge and one has a belly full of Thai food) I got up later than I should have, cleaned my kitchen, made a good breakfast, Facebooked, updated Altitude Multisport Club's coaches page and finally got around to suiting up for my ride.

Was quarter to ten when I finally got started.

But eighty miles later I came back through the house, changed shoes and headed back out for a quick 2 mile brick.

And when I say "quick," I mean a plodding, hacking, sputtering, dragging my left foot behind me kind of run.

Riding today I deliberately went slowly - never really pushing my legs very hard - because I wanted to survive the ride and feel like I could go run without dying. Average speed was just under 16 mph (sounds better in the Metric system: 25.6 kph), including a pretty consistent headwind on the way back. That run was not easy, but mercifully it was brief. I drank tons of water on my bike today (six full water bottles during my ride; another 3/4 during transition) but didn't bring my running water bottle and I noticed that I really missed it. I'm getting used to having water with me on the run; nice to just have a swig and not be so dry.

Now all I want to do is eat and be somewhere cool. For now I'm in the basement. Have much work to do but would rather nap and plan my next meal.

Saw the Brothers BBQ van in my neighborhood while I was walking Seyore after my run. I remarked to him that I wished it was coming to our house. . .