OK, that timer makes me panic a bit

Not sure why, with all the time that's left on it - but perhaps it's that every time I look at it there's less time left. Unsurprising, perhaps (and a metaphor for life?) but the good news is that I look at that timer when I'm about to record more training that I have done.

Such as: Running nearly five miles tonight doing Clarkie Farms and Stonegate.

Left Seyore at home tonight; he actually still looked a little tired from this afternoon. We went canvassing through Cottonwood on behalf of President Obama's campaign. During the Bronco's game. Not a really effective time to canvas, but for me better than Shabbos at least.

I reeeeeeeeeeeally didn't want to go running tonight - guess I was still feeling tired from the ride yesterday (it really wiped me out!) - but as I was feeling that through I realized that that could be a good catalyst for making me train. Somehow. Made sense at the time, anyway (as in: the feeling of not wanting to train is itself an indication that I need to train, or it's an opportunity to vanquish that part of me that holds myself back, or something like that).

So off I went. Took less than half a mile before it started feeling good. Left heel was talking to me a bit (that reminds me: I must go roll on the Orange Device from Hell) but only at the beginning.