Oh, so I have to *charge* my Garmin?

Seems like this site's theme is evolving into "my troubled relationship with Garmin and its various devices."

Went out for something like 11.5 miles yesterday, reached my finish and went to turn off my watch only to find that some time after starting, it had had its battery die.

I think that 11.5 miles may be farther than I should take Seyore. He seemed pretty beat last night. Didn't eat dinner, and at something like 7:00 he gave me that look that says "I don't know about you but I'm going to bed" and up he went.

Felt good. No idea about my pace - there should be *some* data on my Garmin, which is upstairs. Glad to be running 10+ mile runs again, though I noted with some alarm last night that by the time Summer is here, 11 mile runs are going to be kind of commonplace for me. Not ready for that, yet.