New: Garmin 610

Finally. And my God are they expensive! But the (very) good people at Runners Roost took back the old 210 that I had and gave me full credit toward the 610, which I brought home yesterday, charged and ran with today.

And when I say "ran" - not such fast running. Really. 5.06 miles at an average 10:02 pace.

Let's try something:

(They don't really have their css worked out, do they - those list buttons should be inside the image. And what on earth are they using "Bing" for? If there is a louder flag to wave saying "we don't have our allegiances properly aligned" I'm not sure what it is. *sigh*)

But I have been sick. That windy day I rode up Hess Road last week may have been a tad too early to push myself after the tummy bug; in any case it completely zapped me and the next day I came down with a chest cold from which I am only now recovering. A second weekend lost to training! don't have that many to spare. But I had the girls and we had a relaxed time and that's a luxury.

Back to running yesterday - five miles, easy. Same thing today. I want to put some plain vanilla miles in this week and next - get some stability going again. Tomorrow they are predicting low 70's and after a breakfast meeting I have nothing scheduled. With the long hours I worked over the weekend I will try not to feel too guilty when I take my bike out tomorrow - probably will be windy but who cares! it's Halloween and I will be able to ride with summer gear on.

Need to go to bed very soon, though; too often I work late and then have nothing left for training the next day.