My swimming is getting strong

Sunday afternoon at Kaladi's (was out of coffee!). Woke up earlier than usual this morning (6:00 on a Sunday!) to make it to the Club swim on time.

When I began swimming again a couple of months ago I felt really out of swim shape and I lurked in lane 5 in the pool (1 fastest; 6 slowest) for a while. Last couple of swims I was in 4; last week in 4 it felt like I should have been in 3.

Was a little nervous to swim in 3 today - though last week I was pacing with them from lane 4 - but as it turned out we had another sprint workout (thanks Charo!) and I did really well. I'm swimming at a level that is not far from my best (swam a 1:28 100 today at the end of a set of five 100's). Charo complimented me on my stroke but said that my left arm could enter the water farther outside.

Then there is my kicking. . .

Let me put it this way: I hate kicking and do well in triathlon swimming because at long distances, kicking is more for stroke stability than propulsion. So I have never worked on kicking (and it shows). Thought I was doing better but Charo said that I'm still bending my knees way too much, and it looks as though I am expending a tremendous amount of energy.

True. Way too much. Hate kicking.

(on mashupfm right now and they have Hall and Oates mixed in with Ludacris' "Move Bitch")

Charo has me on relatively heavy training right now (of course, by summertime this will be modest - a thought that scares me) so I'm tired - but it feels good, good, good.

Got lost repeatedly yesterday on my bike in some upper-40's, cloudy weather. Not lovely weather, but could be worse. I just couldn't face 2:45 on my trainer, so I layered up and headed out.

For the record, a great hill-climbing ride would be the bike path to Hess, up Hess and into Castle Pines to Daniels Park Road southbound, then back.

But yesterday I spent time in heavy flippin' traffic (Santa Fe - Highway 85? Founders Parkway? ridiculous).

It reminded me that I once bought a bike on the west side of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris - took the metro to get there but rode home and actually went through the etoile on my bike. I was told that that act qualified me as a lunatic (I was 19 - that may have been when I learned that about myself).

So yesterday on Santa Fe I was a little grumpy but I was fine.