Manning throws 3 interceptions in 1st quarter; easy 4 mile run for Seyore and me

It's really clear to me that I have to figure out the issue I'm having with my calves or achilles tendons or whatever it is. Last run I went on was that brick last Thursday (31 mile bike - Motsenbocker to Pradera to the Pinery to Democrat to Flintwood to the newly resurfaced Bayou Gulch, back on the bike path) and 4-ish mile jog with Seyore. Took Friday off completely, then 30 mile ride with Larry Mason and his wife Jeannie and a guy they work with named Lynn on Saturday, bike rides with and without kids yesterday.

So three days off I would expect my legs to feel better, and they really did. Last night Caroline massaged them pretty deep and tonight I rolled them on the Orange Device from Hell before and after. I have been stretching them which alternates between feeling really good and feeling as though I'm aggravating the problem.

I think this roller and deep massage will really help. Going to stick with that for a while.

Also going to go see Leading Edge Physical Therapy for some more dry needling and all the other stuff that they do.

But back to the run tonight - it felt GOOOOD. Nice and easy. Fortunately for my ego, my Garmin device is on the fritz, so I have no real data on how slowly I was running - but nothing hurt and it was 55 degrees out and dark - just felt great.

I thought a lot about my Ironman finish next September while I was running tonight; visualized what it would feel like to be in Madison with 130 miles behind me, closing in on the final miles of my Ironman.

Very exciting.