LOVE a day off from training

By the end of last week I was BEAT. My ride on Saturday was supposed to be a relatively easy three hours; I chose to make it harder by:

  1. Not eating enough (went out at 11:00 with only breakfast in my stomach and no real nutrition on the bike)
  2. Not bringing clothes for a change in the weather, which was forecasted
  3. Getting lost

I was riding South from downtown on the Platte River Trail, came upon some construction and trail detours, found myself on a trail with a creek next to it and assumed that I was on the correct trail. Was pretty tight; no real long views, and I rode for a good while before coming up a hill and noticing that I was just about in the foothills.

Was the Bear Creek Trail, which goes West - not the Platte River Trail, which goes South.

I called my older one to come rescue me. Was really tired. Mostly I think that my body had run way too low on nutrition (it was 3:00 pm by the time I ate something); I ate like a swarm of locusts for days after that.

Next day we had a great swim workout (the penultimate free indoor swim of the season!) after which I was really run down; that afternoon I had a 1:30 moderate run scheduled and I just could not bring myself up to pace (was shooting for a 135 HR and that was just too fast for me to run). I ran my 90 minutes but slower.

So Monday was my day off and MAN did it feel good!

Recovered well for my run yesterday - one hour at 135 HR. Today I have a 2:30 ride scheduled and I'm trying to finish up some work so that I can head out for it.