Look at that countdown timer!

Chronos Interactive bike jersey

Would you look at that!

Sure enough: I am registered for the 2015 Ironman Wisconsin. Registered last Monday, the day after this year's event (Johnny says that a guy he knows from Mount Vernon, IA is the fellow who won this year, setting a course record - what a beast! I want to meet him).

I stepped on the scale the other night and I'm at 190, about 16 pounds above where I was last year at this time.

I have a great job with Chronos Interactive, a web development shop with a strong cycling culture (check out my new bike jersey!) and it's a 24 mile commute. Rode in this morning in absolutely PERFECT weather - just a tiny bit cool as I headed out and a bit warm when I arrived.

Calves are good. Ran about four miles the other day (so I'm not at Square One, but I'm not far beyond it) and my shoulder feels fine for regular life; haven't swum with it (swam?) lately.

Haven't swum without it lately, either.

My goal is to be healthy and training 12 hours a week or more as February begins. And to drop back to 180 soon, whenever that is. That'll position me to take aim at my season and set a goal for the race - I definitely want to beat my time from last year (that should be easy!), and the obvious goals of 13:30 or 13:00 suggest themselves.

Gotta get more power on the bike, and learn how to run a real pace after a long ride.

I am SO EXCITED to be training for Ironman Wisconsin again!