It's full on summer time

It's a gorgeous Tuesday morning, a cool 70-ish degrees in the shade and a clear blue sky. High today is supposed to be in the 90's; I have a reasonably long ride (3 1/2 hours) scheduled and I'm going out as soon as I get videos from Ironman Cairns in production.

Meanwhile the nice cool part of the day is slipping by...

Update on where I am training-wise: My long runs are about two hours and I haven't done a four-hour ride yet this year (how is that possible?) Trying to save Altitude Multisport Club from completely disintegrating, I committed to leading Sunday club rides for the month of June. Two weekends ago I rode with them and went out for some more with Eric; this last weekend was Father's Day and I came home and spent the rest of the day with my kids after the Club ride.

I'm about to go to Mexico for a week (mostly to help Rob drive North), and my big concern there is that I won't have a ride for a whole week. There is a young man down there whom I met while coming out of Hotel Cielo Rojo last time I was down there who is training for Cozumel; if he's there when I go down to visit he has said he'll hook me up with a bike and show me some safe training routes. I'm anxious about being away from cycling for that long at this stage in the season. Theoretically I can go super long the day before I leave and hit it hard as soon as I get back, but that's still a gaping hole.

I'm surprised by how much body fat I still have at this late point in the season. I don't step on the scale much but I'd be surprised if I'm less than 185 right now.

Have been training with Gregory and the Z Team; an exercise in humility, for sure. They're great people and I can push myself as hard as I want with them, which is what I was looking for, and I'm still the slowest person at just about every workout. Occasionally at a swim I'm not the slowest. Recently rode with Gregory, Charo, Julianna and Vlad and realized that I didn't have to be discouraged that I'm slower than two ex-professional triathletes, a Kona qualifier and a young lunatic Russian.

By the way, the arguments between Vlad and Gregory are hilarious. Often they re-hash World War II. Recently, Vlad said "I'm going to stop spending any money on training for the rest of this year so that I can buy a monkey and train it to fuck your dog!"

Another time, when Vlad asked Gregory why he wouldn't just shoot the squirrels that are causing problems, Gregory said "when I was a child, my parents loved me."

After 5:30 track workouts we go to the nearby Einstein's and have coffee and lots of this banter flows.

OK - the test video for Cairns is done. Off I go to QA it.