Indian summer, part deux

Bought a new rear tire from Treads this afternoon, came home and put it on (in a hurry!) and headed out for this ride. Pretty simple loop but with some climbing to make it interesting. Did a quick bit of math (still no Garmin) and realized that I sure hope that IMOO has less climbin per mile than this route - I do pretty well on the flat stuff but the hills don't like me.

At least there's less of me to schlepp up a hill these days.

I took it easy on the bike path on the end of the ride (I took the bike path from the Pinery home - Google maps doesn't route onb bike paths, though, so I had to use streets for that map). Sat up a good bit and rode with no hands on my handlebars, like the song says.

There is a good feeling that I get when I come to my run turn-around point from the morning during my afternoon ride.

I have two meetings in Boulder tomorrow morning. Going to load my bike on the car (securing it with a cable, never mind the fact that it's Boulder) and ride the Boulder Peak route. Maybe bring some running shoes and go a little on the Rez path.

Oh if it were May instead of mid-October. I am really enjoying this outdoor training.