Indian summer!

It is unbelievably gorgeous out right now. Sixty-eight degrees out now and heading to 73 - and here I have a meeting scheduled at Kaladi's at 2:00 during prime cycling time today!

My brother Robert and his family came to visit this past weekend and based on how much I ate and the fact that in preparing for their arrival I didn't do any training on Friday I was sure that I would have back-slid weight-wise, but just now I stepped on the scale (after a 5 mile run with Seyore this morning) and I'm down to 188.9.

Granted, I am / was a bit dehydrated, but I've been weighing myself while a little low on fluids all along. Exciting for me!

I haven't totaled my mileage from last week (would be easy if I had a working Garmin, but I have yet to take it in to Runners Roost) - but I think I ended up in the high 20's. A pretty solid week for me, considering I'm just getting started ramping up my mileage. My calves were tight this morning getting out of bed (Saturday I ran 6.35 or so, then went to Jump Street and jumped on trampolines for a couple of hours) so I'm thinking I'm going to keep it under 30 miles again this week, maybe even next week as well. I really don't want to push it too far (but on the other hand it feels SO GOOD to be running again - felt strong at the end of my run today, as though I could have kept going for another hour or so.

Put my bike on the trainer and watched "Happy Feet" with Robert's kids yesterday morning before their parents got up; as I was taking my bike off of the trainer I saw that the rear tire was coming apart in the tread. Good to find out about that in my living room instead of screaming down Hess Road at 40+ miles per hour.

It's really difficult for me not to cancel my 2:00 meeting, but it's with someone who might use TriVids for videos next year. Got to keep those conversations open.