I know the weather won't be this nice forever, so. . .

Five miles yesterday with Seyore, five more today. I have taken to stopping and stretching about one mile into the run and again at the same place on the way back - stretching my calves, that is. I was thinking today that my right knee on the top of the knee is kind of talking to me, but on a scale of 1 to 7 (why not?) it's only about a 1 - my Achilles tendons (the spell checker wanted "Achilles" to be capitalized) are more like a 1.8, maybe 2.1.

Not bad but I'm paying attention to them. Makes me realize that I want to slowly increase my distances and stretch a lot.

They say that this weekend we're going to have beautiful weather. Looks like a long ride tomorrow; will be hanging out with my younger daughter on Sunday so I'll plan on keeping it light that day.