Hilly 40 miles

Well, my Garmin is back - and though I had it plugged in all night, when it was time to head out it was complaining of having a low battery.

Not such a big fan of the Garmin 210.

Anyway: Took the bike path North to Tagawa Gardens (on Broncos Parkway), then up Chenango past Arrowshaft and out to Inspiration Drive. East to whatever road leads back North to County Line; County Line East out to Delbert Road. South with a nice tailwind to Singing Hills Road, East to Deer Creek Drive (CR 13), South to Hilltop (CR 158). Had a really uncomfortable lower GI thing hit me just before I got to Flintwood, so I headed home at Flintwood / Hilltop. 42 miles. I feel like I had a good ride but was really glad that today was a day that I could choose to finish sooner rather than later.

Here's the Google map.

My right trapezoid is uncomfortable - tight - and I know that I need to do something about it. This bike has always hurt me there. I don't feel like spending much money on this old bike any more ($22 this morning for handlebar tape!), so a bike fitting seems like a bad investment. Wonder what Adventure Cycle has, and how much they would charge me.

They're my tri club's bike sponsor and give us good discounts - but they're a bit of a Hoity Toity, super cyclist shop and 20% off of their prices isn't necessarily a better deal than I could get at Bicycle Village.