Hill repeats on Hess Road

Months from now I may regret working all day today, seeing as how it was such a perfect day to ride - but I feel that I am nearing completion of a pretty mind-stretching project and I didn't want to stop.

So: About 5:00 this afternoon I donned my bike gear and headed out, knowing that I had less than two hours of sunlight (google tells me that sunset was 6:52 pm today). Had hardly given my route a second's consideration, but on my way down Holyoke Drive I figured I'd go do some hill repeats. I had only done them on Motsenbocker Road - which is a fine place to do them - but today I went to my new favorite neighborhood hill, Hess Road.

Did three repeats of the serious part of the climb; google says less than 19 miles.

I really enjoyed the feeling of turning back around after my first descent, knowing that I was going back for more climbing. Also knew that it would be "saying more" if I felt that good going back for my fourth or fifth ascent, not just my second.

On the second descent I had Tom Petty's "Free falling" song going in my head, and for a moment I thought that this must be better than free falling out of an airplane - because unlike parachuting, I had earned my descent by climbing that altitude. (I suppose base jumping could be similar, after hiking. . .)

My right knee has a thing that tends to pop on the top inside, if I'm not climbing carefully. Felt it say something this afternoon and was careful not to tweak it - for me that means sitting far enough back on my saddle.

Also: a goal today was to stay in my saddle instead of standing on the pedals (I once had a well-meaning Colorado cyclist observe that I have "some good weight" and could use it standing on my pedals). On all three climbs I stayed in the saddle.

I keep thinking things like "oh but today's workout was nothing - in a few months I should be going out for ten repeats on that hill." I also know that I'm glad I got out today and trained. Everything feels good. Left heel is comfortable despite it feeling tight last night after my run.