Yes, I have a hernia.

About three weeks ago I noticed something different. Doesn't hurt - it's not even uncomfortable at all. But today I saw my primary care physician and he confirmed that that's what it is. Treatment is surgery. I have an appointment on Monday morning at 9:00 with a surgeon.

However, my deductible is $5000 so I'm going to have it done in Mexico. Will certainly cost me less *and* I get some time in Mexico.

NO IDEA IF I CAN RACE. I am really discouraged. My intention is to train hard until either (a) the surgeon convinces me that that's a bad idea or (b) it becomes an emergency medical situation.

Hard for me to overstate my anger, fear and sadness right now.

To top it all off I am trying to get some new health insurance and our country's "best healthcare system in the world" allows companies to refuse to cover me because I need this surgery.

Fuck America's healthcare system, anyway. I'm going to Mexico.