Have been so tired lately

I have been so tired lately - I can really feel that I'm recovering from a cold. The other day (Wednesday?) when I went for a ride, it was all I could do to just log the miles. Have been getting super sleepy by 9:00 at night, not that I go to sleep then (I should try that and see what happens).

Yesterday I ran 5.75 miles (the "Comfort Break" route, so named because it goes to the restrooms at the Salisbury trailhead) - felt pretty tired until after the turn around, at which point another guy running by gave me a little competitive impetus and I sped up on the way home (9:50 mile - how can that be faster than anything else?). Ran shorter faster today, averaging 9:45 including my slow first mile.

Have been wanting to ride as well - it's 58 degrees and calm out right now, which is as good as it gets this time of year - but I'm tired and I'm learning some things on buildamodule.com on which I would like to focus.

Looking forward to a day off on Monday, but I'm going to ride tomorrow if it kills me.