Hans' loop, wearing summer gear

My iPhone tells me that it's 68 degrees in Parker right now at 4:00 pm after my ride. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be upper 60's or lower 70's, then reality starts in on Friday.

Took my bike out for its first ride since the good people at Adventure Cycle tuned it up for me. It's beautiful! Gleaming chain and gears, brand new cables and brake shoes/pads. Works like a charm.

I could definitely feel the fact that I'm still recovering from a cold - had no power at all. Was quite glad to just keep it easy and go for some miles.

Check it out:

I just did a little research to see what the elevation gain is for IMOO - seems as though it's 5,650 feet. This loop (one that Hans Pennink showed me last year) is 29.14 miles and has 1,607 feet of gain - that's 55.148 feet of elevation gain per mile. For 112 miles that same rate of elevation gain per mile would give me 6,176 feet of elevation gain.

Here's my point: Hans' loop has more elevation gain per mile than IMOO. If I rode it four times, not only would I have ridden a greater distance than the Ironman but I would have climbed more than I will have to at IMOO.

That's reassuring.