Garmin saga continues

Frequent readers of my training journal will know that my journey to Ironman Wisconsin has been defined by my continuing struggle with Garmin products.

Here's the latest: I have noticed that my heart rate monitor is only transmitting data intermittently to my watch - the result being not-so-accurate heart rate data. This past week, for example, I was running about a 9:45 pace and my watch thought that my heart rate was in the 90's.

Would be nice. Maybe that's Johnny's HR at a 9:45, but for me that should be more like 135 - 140 (sadly).

The good people at Garmin recommended during a recent call I placed to them that I buy a new battery for the chest strap and see if that helps.

Bought one; didn't help.

So now the good people at Garmin are sending me a new chest strap. We'll see what happens!

Missed my run yesterday. As the afternoon wore on and I was struggling to get a project finished (with people coming for Shabbos dinner, and my matza ball soup incomplete) I saw my chances for a run disappear and got pretty cranky. Not that it was a lovely day for a run, mind you, but still: I had such a great training week last week (had some extra training time, since I got lost running in BowMar on Monday and rode longer than intended last Saturday) - so relative to last week I'm way down this week.

Moments from now it will be time to suit up for a ride. Teenager borrowed my running jacket the other day and has not returned it; would be a good day to wear it. Don't want to freeze. Child #2 has a cold again and I'd like not to share it with her.