Four mile run, hard

It is an absolutely perfect day for a run today. Actually on the verge of being a bit warm. Seyore and I just got back from a four mile run on the bike path, and though my Garmin is not back yet (their tracking service says that it's due to be delivered today or tomorrow), I'd guess that I held a 9:30 pace the whole time, if not faster.

Right now, to me, 9:30 is a good pace.

Who knows? might have been 9:15.

I took Rory to the airport this morning, there to join her teammates for the Head of the Oklahoma regatta. Driving back I was feeling a bit sleepy, actually, but knew I had to run (frankly I want to ride this afternoon - it's just so perfect out). As soon as we started running I felt strong and (for me) fast, so I decided to push my pace today. Everything felt good - no problemos with achilles tendons, heels, anything.

I rode out to Rory's practice last night (must be about 25 miles, I would think, round trip) - kind of easy miles; a Z3 kind of ride. Top of my right knee on the inside doesn't like something about riding. Might adjust my saddle backwards a bit, but I'd just be guessing.

I have Alia this weekend and plan on running the bluffs while she's at Hebrew School. Wonder if/when I can get a long ride in.