Four hours with some Z Team folks

Charo invited me to ride with a bunch of people, mostly Z Team people, at 7:00 this morning (it's Sunday). It was perfect weather - a bit cool when we first started and just starting to get hot by the time we were done about four hours later - and we rode out to Cherry Creek Reservoir to do some laps in a pack, rotating out of lead periodically. It was fun, it was pretty fast and it was well structured (Joe Long was giving pointers and he and Charo set a protocol around following just to the right of someone's wheel, so that when the lead would rotate out to the left, nobody would have any collisions).

I guess we rode 62 to 64 miles - somewhere in there - I don't think that I turned on my Garmin in time (by the way, though it felt like a long ride, it certainly wasn't as long as Garmin's map seems to suggest.)

By the end of it, my right foot was cramping and I had almost completely lost my sense of humor. What few hills we had came at the end of the ride, and my companions were all stronger climbers than I am.

Since I survived the day, I have a burning desire to get better at climbing. Just not right now. I will be happy not to get on that saddle for a couple of days (must email Charo to see if she'll schedule me for a run tomorrow, swim Tuesday).

I have plans for my first open water swim on Tuesday at 11:00 with two people from the tri club. Can't wait to get out there!

For now it's time to eat something. I'm pretty hungry.