Finally rode my Elizabeth loop yesterday

I had wanted to get out by 11:00 - it was beautiful out, if a bit breezy - but I guess it was more like 11:50. Here's the loop:

Bike path South to the Pinery
Exit the Pinery onto Lincoln, heading South
Left on (the newly resurfaced) Bayou Gulch Road
Right at Flintwood to Highway 86
Left at the top of the hill at CR 13
Left at CR 158 (Hilltop Road)
Hilltop down into Parker
Left at Mainstreet
Hop back on the bike path to finish

I think it's about 40 miles. I would know with certainty but for the fact that I have been having problems with my Garmin 210 (which turns out to be a runner's watch, not so much a triathlete's watch) and had to send it back to them so they can send me a new one.

Got home at about 2:45, pretty tired. I think that my bike doesn't fit me very well; my right shoulder gets really tight, especially when I ride in my drops.

Some woman pulling a horse trailer pulled up next to me and wagged her finger at me - no idea what she was saying, since her truck was so loud. Some jackass in Boulder who harassed two cyclists by honking at them for several minutes (caught on a GoPro) was ticketed for his behavior.

As I said I was pretty tired. Had very low cognitive capacity; what concerns me is a worry that with as much training as I have to do, I'll be rendered stupid so often that I'll need to be deliberate about when to train so as not to impede my ability to work.

Let me just say that I'm really happy to be doing work that's cerebral enough to have this concern.