DrupalCamp 2013, Runners Roost Thursday run, Badger alumni gathering

It's late and I've had a good bit of beer tonight. Should go to bed.

I have the Star Trek movie from 2009 playing on my DVR; have been trying to catch up on some emails (and eating granola with raisins and yogurt! yum) before going to bed.

What a day.

I rode a nice and easy hour with Charo this morning, then went for a half hour run in a brick workout. Had a rather unpleasant meeting late morning followed by hours of indoor fun (tech support calls with techies who knew less than I do, which is frustrating) and finally a 5.9 mile run including the Bluffs out by Runners Roost with their Thursday evening run group.

Had some water and some beer and ran off to the Cherry Creek Yacht Club to drink with my fellow Badgers (UW Alumni Association). They were pouring Dry Dock beers, including a double IPA that had some serious medicine.

Got home to find out that my proposed session for DrupalCamp Colorado 2013 has been approved! My first DrupalCamp presentation. I'm very excited!

P.S. I have 10 hours of training scheduled for myself in the next three days.