Deer Creek Canyon Road

Dear God am I tired.

Somehow it took me over five hours (fortunately I am without my Garmin, which the good people at UPS tell me has arrived at the Garmin facility in Olathe, Kansas, there to be replaced by a working one) but I rode out to Deer Creek Canyon Road, climbed it and rode back.

My body tells me that the route I took was 70 miles, at least (sure took me long enough!) but Google Maps doesn't think so.

Word to the wise: Daniels Park Road is not paved.

Gorgeous day to be riding. I am still sporting my Wisconsin bike jersey; one fellow cyclist informed me that the Badgers beat UTEP today (who?), so that's nice. Turns out that he and I graduated the same year from Wisconsin.

I am beat right now. In 350 days I'll get done with a much longer bike ride than that and go run a marathon.

Not today, fortunately.

I have a picture of a cow that I'll have to add to this site once I am bathed and recuperated.