Another perfect day in Colorado

Felt so good out on the running path today. Often it's all I can do to plod along, but today I felt light on my feet and felt as though I had good form and everything. Went a little faster than usual (9:28 pace), which seems to be toward the top of Z3 for me.

Then a quick hour out on my bike - my legs were a little tired and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous (mid to upper 60s), so I wanted to save something for tomorrow.

Last night my legs were really uncomfortable. I ended up taking some Tylenol just to get to sleep (it was that bad) - my guess is that they were unhappy with me for not stretching after my run and wished that I had hydrated better yesterday. Kind of odd; I've never had that happen before. Couldn't get comfortable for the longest time.

Turkey Day minus two. Tomorrow night the girls are here; will have to run Thursday morning rawther early, as Caroline and I are headed to the airport for an 11:45 flight and she's one of those who likes to get there early.