It may have been last Sunday that Offspring #2 and I were at the community pool for a recreational dip. I was on my way to hop into the pool and right at the edge I slipped, believe it or not, and tumbled into the pool. Really lucky that I didn't hurt myself seriously - but my left ankle was really complaining and hasn't felt right since.

Charo tells me not to run on it yet. Maybe 20 minutes tomorrow just to see how it feels.

So I have been out at Aurora Reservoir for some great swims this week (three times already! and I'm going tomorrow) - including a great Fourth of July swim / ride with about a dozen AMC people, including Adam Diesi and Larry Mason both of whom leave me far behind when the bike comes. I failed the ego test with both of them and thought "OK, I'll see if I can ride with him" when each one passed me.

Not a chance.

Good thing I'm not working on speed right now or I might be more discouraged.

Went for a good four hour ride today, showered and collapsed on the couch to watch the Tour. LOVE having the Tour on my DVR. This past week they had time trials in Nice, then rode from Aix to Montpellier. No idea where they are now.

This morning's ride was solo and I found a great road going South from Elizabeth. Pretty flat, believe it or not, and I had a great tailwind on the way out. Didn't want to ever turn around, but eventually I did. Went 68.98 miles (no, I didn't notice that until I was in the house - I mean that's just down to the end of the block, you know?).

I am going to work so hard in July. . . stepped on the scale today and it read 180.2. Darned close to that 180 mark that has eluded me all year (of course it was only recently that I began eating like less of an idiot - as much as I love sourdough bread I have moved on to that stuff my mom would buy).

"It's good though," as the joke says.