Am I getting in shape?

Just back from 4.76 miles with Seyore on the bike path - was 46 degrees and cloudy when we left but just about half way through, the clouds cleared and the sun made it MUCH warmer. It's 61 out now.

I woke up this morning thinking I'd go for my run first thing but was daunted by (1) the 32 degree temperature - that'll make me feel wimpy when I read it in January - and (2) my calves were tight, first thing out of bed. Out on the run today I felt stronger than usual; I just checked my average HR (was 133 today) and pace (9:45 per mile) - the other day when I ran 7.5 miles, my average HR was 134 but my average pace was 10:14.

Wonder why. Could it be that I'm getting in shape?

Still: ran yesterday - an easy recovery 4.2 miles north on the bike path - and hoped to ride the trainer last night but late in the afternoon I got an email from my friend Dan Garfield and met him for a couple of beers. On the way home I compounded my choice not to train by getting the beef drunken noodles from Dancing Noodle, which I ate while watching The Daily Shos.

I am not training like a monster right now and I have a complicated relationship with that fact. It's October, for heaven's sake, not June - but a part of me wonders how I'm going to put in the hours when it's crunch training time.