Absolutely perfect fall running weather

A bit warm, even. Went out at 2:30 this afternoon with Seyore the wonder dog - found that early on I was running a little higher in the HR than I wanted to, so I deliberately slowed down a bit (averaged 10:14 per mile for the whole run) to keep my heart rate in the mid-130's. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous day.

I worked all day yesterday (Sunday) and did NO TRAINING AT ALL - had evening plans at a fundraising dinner so today I took my time and went longer than I have lately. Still have my 3-day cumulative below 13 miles, so I think I'm good; between tomorrow and Wednesday if I do 7 miles I'll be happy with that. Means that I need to get on the bike tomorrow.

Physiologically felt terrific today. Felt strong (that's what happens with an unscheduled day off) and really happy to be out training for an Ironman. Not too busy on the bike path - the other day when it was partly snowing out there was nobody but Seyore and me; one cyclist with *shorts* on, of all things. An off-leash run for him.