8.62 miles, upper 50's, sunny. . . perfect

After boring my dog and kids to tears yesterday while I worked all day on a project, I knew that today was going to be a good day for a run. Perfect weather out. Wore my blessed Wisconsin long-sleeve running shirt and my new Sauconys ("like buttah") and went for a nice, easy long run. Long for me, for now at least.

Still amazed at how many potty breaks Seyore can make on a run.

Felt good, too. My left achilles tendon is not 100% right now, but compared to how it felt in Memphis in 2010 it's fine. Must stretch those calves more often. While I'm running I have all of these brilliant ideas like "I should set alarms for 11:00 am and 3:00 pm and get up from what I'm doing and go stretch my calves!"

Fine: I'll try it. I have just set two new alarms on my iPhone.

I have to say: I could have done some more training in the last week, perhaps - biking, notably - but I ran 31.13 miles in the last week, slept about ten hours last night and had a good, long nap on Friday afternoon when I was beat. My legs feel good. . . I have been stretching as much as I ever have, after running. I'm down 13 pounds or so from the summer. Feels good! If I can do five hours on the bike this week and keep my running up, I'll feel like I have won the week. Those five hours won't come easy, what with Thanksgiving - I'm going to Chicago on Thursday.

Bringing those new Sauconys for some Lake Shore runs!