45 degrees colder than just three days ago

But I went for a run at the Badger halftime - I would tell you how long of a run it is my my flippin' Garmin is refusing to work! Not really a big fan of Garmin at this point.

But it was sprinkling light snow - hardly - and Seyore and I went for our first run on the Owl Path since June, I think (Alia and I found a rattlesnake on the bike path right around then and I have been wary of all the tall grass on our owl path - but with the cold and snow I figured we were safe today).

I'm battling a cold right now; would have liked to have ridden the trainer today as well but Caroline and I have dinner plans and time has been tight. Besides, I had to bake pecan pies (first time - tried one and it's not earth-shattering) and I improved TriVids' program for emailing video notification emails, so I have been doing other things.

Finally: Garmin says 5.5 miles with average heart rate of 129 - just a touch lower than I would have wanted it to be, but right in Z3.

Badgers won, by the way. 31 - 14 over Illinois in Madison. GO BADGERS!