Cuba journal - Sunday

I woke up from a long, restful night of badly needed sleep about a half an hour ago. Went upstairs to check on my gear that has been hanging on the line from yesterday's SoakFest and to my surprise and delight it's all pretty much dry, backpack included.

Every time I woke up in the night I was aware of some scratchiness in my throat. I'll be surprised if I don't come down with a full-on cold; that was a lot of exposure to cold and rain yesterday.

I'm so proud of Jessica. Been thinking about that. I have no idea what it's like to be one of the Fast People.

Aw hail!

Aw hail! Six inches deep on the bike path this morning

Serious weather in Colorado yesterday and the day before - tons of rain and big time hail.

Fortunately I was not out in any of the weather - today is clear and dry, so I biked to work this morning. Had to get off my bike and walk past this pile of hail on the path just west (north?) of Kennedy Golf Course.

Leaves are still on the trees, but last weekend I saw Orion in the sky. He's a winter constellation and I remember not wanting him to go away in 2013, as that meant that my race was getting closer.

Cuba journal - race day

Well, THAT was an adventure.

This morning I woke up with enough time that I figured I'd check on Uday before heading to the race site. For some reason I agreed to take a ride in a car that had its hood up (one of the two fellows involved was explaining to me that he had just washed the car; didn't mention what was going on under the hood). Two guys gave it a good, hard push and the driver clutch-started it and we were off.

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