Late afternoon post-rain run

saw a bright rainbow
reflected in a puddle
on the running path

A San Francisco haiku

hills and oxygen
eucalyptus scented air
in Golden Gate Park

OK, that was a workout

After staying up late last night watching the Tour (the stage on which they climbed the Alpe d'Huez - who can turn THAT off and go to bed? when there's a growler of Kolsch from Elk Mountain in the fridge and one has a belly full of Thai food) I got up later than I should have, cleaned my kitchen, made a good breakfast, Facebooked, updated Altitude Multisport Club's coaches page and finally got around to suiting up for my ride.

Was quarter to ten when I finally got started.

Prime training weeks

A haiku:

the heat of the day
rarifies my oxygen
two hours' run, real slow

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